Marcos Serrano

Front End Developer | Audio visual specialist


I am an expert audio visual communicator specialised in digital multimedia with a wide experience in corporate communication, online design, social media marketing, and very enthusiastic about storytelling. My aim is to grow in a professional environment and to improve my design and development skills by working and learning as much as possible.
Storytelling is the DNA of my reality.



Front End






Badi App

Badi is an app whose purpose is to let the user find new roomates that are compatible with his/her own interests and hobbies.
What I did was to create a parody of this app, because Badi works just like popular dating apps Tinder or Happn, by swapping left or right wheter the candidate fits with what the user is looking for or not. It is not intended to work as an official website, but to have some fun.

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Festival Zaidín Rock 2018

Zaidin is a big neighbourhood in Granada, and since its importance in the city, it must have its own Rock Music Festival. And it's a good one. Zaidin Rock is now on its 32th edition, which means that this event is well known and respected within the music lovers.
The problem was that the festival didn't have its own website, which I found very unrespectful. This is my way of fixing that injustice.

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H&M Summer Campaign

I was asked to design a email newsletter and a landing page with a form for the H&M summer campaign. The claim was to participate in a draw in which people were able to win 2.000€ worth in clothing.
This was just a class practice, but I got the second higher mark.

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Telepizza Results Presentation Webcast

This is the microsite for the Telepizza First Half 2018 Results Presentation, which I had to customize in order to use the corporate colors, typography and image design. I also had to modify and update the content and information, such as description, speaker details, external links and the slides from the original PDF file provided by the client.

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